The Woman


The Weeping Woman, Mourning Necklace

She clings to a crucifix, the rock of ages, or sits graveside gazing upon a cross. This was a common mourning motif in art, jewelry and devotional objects in the middle of the 19th century.

Looking upon the cross was symbolicly “hopeful” but can also be read as hopeless, her slumped shoulders reading as despair, a feeling familiar with those experiencing profound loss.

We hope that you will cling to this little necklace, whether or not you are working on the long term project that is grief.

-.925 silver, 10k or 14k gold.
- 18" silver chain
-Pendant measures 15mm tall
-Handcut crystal

Each necklace is made just for you. Please allow up to 3 weeks production time, thank you for supporting handmade.