Mourning Beads, Short Necklaces - One-Of-A-Kind

$200.00 On Sale

Hand Strung beads of Lapis, Labradorite or Onyx..

Fastened with our classic hands clasp, symbolic of the relationship between the person who has passed away and the loved ones left behind. A reminder of loss but also of union and the hope of reunion. One hand grips a long hook, for easy opening and closing.

In the Mid 19th century Lapis Lazuli was used in art and jewelry to symbolize sympathy and love. Lapis, deep celestial blue flecked with gold pyrite is one of the oldest spiritual stones. I've hand selected these strands not just for their beauty alone, but because Lapis is said to provide "the relief of things that may have been suppressed and allows for them to surface, helping to diminish dis-ease or repressed anger." Fitting for dealing with death and the trauma of loss and the feelings that arise surrounding it.

... and on a lighter note, Lapis is also an alternative birthstone for December

-Graduated Beads (Pictured last, worn around the neck) $200 (on sale)
-Lapis Lazuli
-935 silver
-17.5" Long

Or a shimmering delicate strand of tiny rainbow labradorite, reminiscent of glimmering teardrops. Labradorite is the natural birthstone of February and March, and is said to help us accept the life we have, reconcile differences, assist in dealing with grief, and letting go of the past.

-10k yellow gold closure
-16" long

{SOLD} Or a delicate strand of shiny black onyx 3mm beads. ($185)

-935 silver
18" Long


{SOLD} Or a delicate mix of shiny black onyx 3mm beads and silver chain 25" total length (16.5" of beads + 8.5" of silver chain) $200
Pictured 2nd to last